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Believe in yourself, set goals, aim higher. Up close and candid with Sammy Mwaura

[Renowned top radio personality Sammy Mwaura doing his best, engaging Coastal residents in debating on various tangible concerns. Photo/Courtesy/Sammy Mwaura.

He graced radio sets in our living rooms with a strong commanding voice while anchoring ‘Leo Radio Salaam, Mpasho wa Radio Salaam or the top talk show then Kongamano.

The self-made journalist joined the first news and talk station Radio Salaam in 2012 as a news reporter, he quickly grew to a presenter and finally the Head of news at the Islamic Coast based radio station.

Sammy Mwaura later joined Baraka FM in mid 2017 where the star shined brighter and the rays spread distances.

The young journalist took over ‘Chanja Maswala’ a prime radio talk show at Baraka FM where he hosted researchers, health experts, envoys, politicians and many opinion leaders.

But as the media ‘transfer window’ gets hotter every day, he has jumped off the Baraka FM wagon to Sauti ya Pwani FM, a quickly growing Coast based radio station linked to the famously businessman Mohammed Jaffar, but why?

“You cannot hold someone’s growth, growth is inevitable and change is as good as rest,” he revealed.

He reveals that he will always cherish Radio salaam as it is where he sharpened his all radio broadcasting skills, news and future gathering and disseminating, anchoring and presenting news programs, analysis and finally manning the station’s news desk.

[Sauti ya Pwani station Manager Sammy Mwaura, at times he gets serious. Photo/Courtesy/Sammy Mwaura].

Mwaura continues, “not only as a journalist but anyone should grab any opportunity that comes their way, you should always aim higher and have strategic goals in life,”

He admitted that journalism is not a rosy bed but a harsh career that needs a lot of struggle, perseverance and persistence.

He discourages his colleagues and his peers on giving up.

The hardworking, tireless, down to earth renowned Radio presenter is the current ‘Sauti ya Pwani’ FM Station manager and radio presenter. He focuses more on talk shows where his heart falls.

He ascribed his tremendous growth in his career to God.

“I am a strong, dedicated Christian who believes in God as the decision maker of my destiny,” divulged a hopeful faced Mwaura.

He reveals that despite having a very busy schedule, he has social life where occasionally he spends time on the sand dunes at the beach during weekends, meditating and refreshing his mind ready for a busy schedule at work.

The top, renowned, selfless radio personality admits the stiff competition in the already flooded media industry needs a dedicated, tireless, selfless, hardworking Manager to compete effectively.

[Sauti ya Pwani FM Station Manager and Talk show Presenter Sammy Mwaura in his glowing outfit. Photo/Courtesy/ Sammy Mwaura].

Mwaura loves football and he plays for the Coast Media FC. He enjoys listening to music both power and slow jams. He listens to Gospel music too.

He loves his family and would always spend time with his parents whenever he is done with his days or weekly assignments.

“I have been practicing media consultancy lately. I am an event moderator too, careers that am nurturing and sharpening since I know I will reap big from them in the near future,” he added.

Mwaura is determined to attain his future goals probably working in an international media house.

With the endless numerous calls at his office located at the Makupa based Sauti ya Pwani FM, Mwaura’s time to get in the studio has approached and he begs to leave so that he engages his audience in the famous platform ‘Gumzo la sauti’ talk show program that airs from 8 pm to 10 pm weekdays, with a broad smile he checks his silver coated wrist watch and walks to the live studio.