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Mahmoud Noor, Celebrated youth Mentor and community servant

[A talented artist Abu Adu Okal appreciating the selfless, dedicated community servant Mahmoud Noor. Photo/Swahilipot-HUb].

Renowned youth mentor Mahmoud Noor who is also community servant gains his strength from serving the community.

Mr. Noor initiated Swahilipot Hub, a now an international technology and art centre that has elevated the lives of many youth across the Coastal region of Kenya.

Youth and children have developed interest in the technology sector with some using the centre to nurture their talents.

Mahmoud, is also the Kenya Red Cross Society Mombasa branch board Chairperson.

He is also the Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya Board member.

But mostly the youth and community in Mombasa and other parts of the Coast region recognises him as a selfless youth mentor and tireless community servant.

In fact it is through such efforts that he aquired the name ‘Mentor 001’

[Embedded are some of the renowned social worker captured actions. Photos/Courtesy/Swahilipot Hub].

[Youth Mentor Mahmoud Noor celebrating with children].

[Renowned social worker Mahmoud Noor joined by Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko among other diginatiries in planting mangroove at Jomvu area, Mombasa].

[From left; Malenga 001 (renowned Mombasa poet), Mr. Mahmoud Noor and KFS Managing Director Khamis bakari Gowa at the Likoni ferry channel in anti-Covid-19 awareness campaign].

[Service for humanity; Mahmoud Noor participating in the recent relief food distribution in Mombasa in a bid to mitigate the economic impact posed by the Covid-19 pandemic]. 

[Youth Mentor Mr. Mahmoud Noor with other dignitaries among them ICT Cabinet Secretary Engineer Joe Mucheru (second left) atteding an official function at the technology and art centre, Swahilipot Hub in Mombasa].

[Mr. Noor (second left) together with Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir doing what he loves best, visiting the community at grassroots level].

[The ever busy youth Mentor Mahmoud Noor engaging the youth in Mombasa at the Swahilipot Hub].

[The new Photographer in town! Mr. Mahmoud Noor getting some photography basic lessons from one of Mombasa based youth. A good student!].