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Confident on Screen, sturdy in the field, KTN’s Nicholas Wambua opens up

[KTN News top News Anchor on action at the KTN News live studio in Nairobi. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

He has been bringing us the latest, fresh accounts of events from the grassroots across all 47 counties in the ‘Leo mashinani’ news program on KTN News, well articulating his state of art Swahili language that has made him rise to be a top news anchor on KTN News.

He is moved by his inherited phrase ‘Never be afraid to make a step, never regret about the past, create your own future’ that he acquired from his Dear Mother Caroline Wambua.

Nicholas Wambua, a Young, vibrant, down to earth, hardworking KTN News anchor and reporter is a Technical University of Mombasa Alumni who pursued Mass communication and journalism and graduated in 2013.

He has worked for the Internews Organisation at the Coast and traversed the whole of Coast region digging deeper into facts and submitting tangible stories to the news Organisation.

Wambua Joined KTN as an intern before the birth of KTN News, after his tireless efforts in gathering and disseminating well researched and packaged news stories convinced his top Bosses in the Newsroom, he become a News anchor last year and a captivating bilingual reporter who is currently shining among the top young, confident TV personalities in the country.

“I love KTN News, it is here my talent was nurtured but not with a vast of challenges, I think the media has more hiccups compared to any other career,” he admitted.

[KTN News Anchor Nicholas Wambua getting ready for the ‘Leo Mashinani’ mid morning Swahili news platform.Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Wambua also works under the investigative desk. He has done pieces such as ‘Nyatunyatu za Bilisi’ where a person was killed in Kitui County hospital bed by unknown people and the latest a hot land issue Uvundo wa ardhi’ where together with a colleague Brian Obuya he went an extra mile unleashing how ‘Ardhi house’ land officials conspired with rogue Kenyans to defraud innocent Kenyans of their land, a story that attracted threats from the so called untouchables.

The young, vibrant TV Personality is a family man, married to one Esther Mueni and blessed with a baby girl. He admits that he loves and values his family, and respects all people.

“I have never despised anyone, I am a dedicated Christian who values life and respect human being,” he noted. “My family comes first at all times”.

The top KTN News anchor is a professional photographer and a video/photo editor who loves nature and would take a nature walk or travel down to the Coast just to meditate and relax on the sand dunes enjoying the beautiful coastline view.

He advises his colleagues pursuing the career to work extra hard as journalism is never a rosy bed, that they should give their audience and employers the best not a crap.

“I am a reporter, a news anchor, I at times host Afrika Mashariki besides my colleague Francis Mtalaki, a Swahili news platform covering the unfolding around the East Africa countries that’s airs every Sunday from 6 pm. I also happen to be the acting editor for the program” he added.

[KTN News anchor Nicholas Wambua (Right) with Senior KTN News Coast regional Reporter Francis Mtalaki at KTN News studios. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

He further cautions his colleagues to adhere to journalism ethics to protect their image and careers.

Wambua acknowledges creativity, hardworking, respect as the base of success in journalism.

He admits that the industry is flooded but urges his colleagues to soldier on, “Nothing comes on a silver platter you know, so you have to dedicate yourself and show that you are the best” he notes.

“Believe in yourself, dedicate yourself to your work, give your seniors well researched and packaged assignments and respect them also, Remember your creator and always be creative the competition is stiff for you to remain at the top of the game,” noted Wambua as he with a broad smile reminds me that he is scheduled to host MUHURI’s officials Francis Auma and Fahad Changi in ‘Leo mashinani’ show and he needs adequate preparations.