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Don’t compare your life with others, you will lose focus-KTN’s Bonface Kioko opens up

[KTN's Cameraperson Bonface Kioko in action along the Coastline beaches. Photo/ Maxwell Ngala]

‘It has been at the bottom of my heart, bringing the world closer to Kenyans through the lens of my video camera, I never despised the fact that media wasn’t a rosy bed but I soldiered on’.

The phrase that caught my ears during my interview with KTN News Cameraperson Bonface Kioko.

He manages to reveal about his journalism career while on assignments at the Coastal beach line in Mombasa, always tough in the field ensuring that his vast audience are in the know.

From a humble beginning at Pwani TV, a once Coast favourite television station which later closed doors following financial constraints but Kioko would not underrate the station since it formed his growth base, career wise.

He was a dedicated News reporter and a TV producer as well. With all the obstacles ranging from Finance to equipments, he soldiered on and ensured that Pwani TV audience get the news at is happens all over the Coast region, recording news and features in a way only he could.

A humble, calm, calculated, and confident Kioko learnt from his dear parents that losing hope in life should never appear anywhere in his diary, and that made him a strong, dedicated and hardworking KTN’s cameraperson.

“I worked for the Mediamax, K-24 Television for two years before joining KTN News in June this year, but the journey has just began,” he reveals as he consult his colleague KTN News Senior Coast region reporter Francis Mtalaki on the next assignment.

Always busy with his tool racks full of a video camera, tripod stand, a KTN News branded microphone and at his back a Live-U pack-a decoder that is used to encode live event that makes him break the news on air as it unfolds on the ground.

“With the current stiff competition, the Live-U pack is always at my back, I am a professional journalist and my seniors at the editorial desk would not wait for a substandard material from me, I always strive for the best,” he revealed.

Kioko, a dedicated Christian values family unit, his parent and the society, he respects human beings of all calibers and he despises no one.

“I also have a social life and I love nature, during the weekend when I take a rest I relax at the beaches watching the beautiful sand dunes and the sunset meditating about my life and career. However, at times I find myself deliberating about my next day’s assignments so as both KTN News and KTN Home remains at the top of the game,” he reveals.

[Bonface Kioko (L) in action with Senior KTN News Coast region reporter Francis Mtalaki ( R) telling it as it is at the Coast line beaches, Mombasa. Photo/ Maxwell Ngala]

Kioko however is perturbed by some of the stories he has covered especially about gender based violence where a minor is defiled or sodomised, the chronic land issue at the Coast, forced disappearances among other human rights violations.

He also treasures love life but he could not reveal much about the love of his life though he vividly knows it is the order of nature.

The senior KTN News cameraperson loves his career and terms growth as inevitable.

From Pwani TV to K-24 and now at KTN News and KTN Home the journey has truly grown him. He always ensures that he delivers his assignments in time.

“I have gathered enough experience but am gaining more day by day bringing the world through the lens of my camera to Kenyans and beyond,” he noted

He continues, “To me fellow journalists, the journey is tough but never lose hope, in life focus on your strengths to discard your fears and weaknesses you will one day make it a score and your heat will be crammed with happiness,” he noted with a broad smile as he pans his camera to the left along the Coastal beaches just to ensure that his vast deserving KTN News and KTN Home audience remain in the know.