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Dubai-based benevolent couple positively impacts vulnerable families globally

[CEO Rach Group of Companies Mr. Ravi Rach. Photo/ Courtesy/Ravi Sports].

About 8 years ago, a Dubai based bold-hearted couple initiated a non- profit organisation that was solemnly to uplift the vulnerable families worldwide through various humanitarian interventions.

The organisation that was constituted from Dubai based Rach Group of Companies  was occasioned by the social challenges that families in India, Nepal, Pakistan and some African counties were going through.

The Rach Group of Companies Director Ravi Rach together with his fiancée Nabina Bishwakarma developed the initiative, Rach family Trust to cushion the families from life hardships.

According to Mr. Rach, Rach Family Trust aims at building an inclusive India, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan, Kenya and many other Africa countries by pioneering a holistic model to address these nation’s multifaceted development challenges and contribute to its collective aspirations.

The Organisation focuses more on Education, Health, technology, development, infrastructure, relief food distribution, disaster response among many other humanitarian services.

“We are committed to uplift people’s lives by focusing more on the marginalised and vulnerable communities by empowering them and enhancing change through innovative and sustainable solutions,” revealed Mr. Rach.

The charitable organisation also endeavours to create replicable and scalable models of development through an integrated approach in the reliance spirit of maximising societal value for all and making it a movement.

Transforming lives

“Rural transformation, Health, education, Sports for Development, disaster response, Arts and Urban renewal are fully included in our humanitarian efforts,” said the selfless, youthful Rach.

With the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, the organisation has developed a continuous feeding program to various countries in Africa, India, Nepal and Pakistan targeting rural areas and specifically the vulnerable families.

[Distribution of relief food in India courtesy of Rach Family Trust. Photo/Ravi Rach].

The humanitarian organisation has positively impacted the lives of thousand s of vulnerable families among them Mtwapa families in Kilifi County, Kenya where they have been receiving relief food through the Organisation since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country in mid-March 2020.

The Trust’s prime objective is to create and support meaningful activities through innovative institutions to address most pressing developmental challenges in the targeted countries.

“The underprivileged need our hand so that they overcome  various life challenges , some of them live in acute poverty and suffering from other underlying health conditions further they lack reliable source of income that’s is where we intervene,” said the RGC Director.

The Trust also focuses on initiating permanent projects for vulnerable families so that they are able to fend for themselves, however it will not cease providing humanitarian services to them.

Income generating initiatives

Deployment of locally-relevant solutions to enhance rural livelihoods in agriculture, marine and other farm and non-farm based activities is also included to improve on livelihood for vulnerable families in Africa and beyond.

In Mtwapa, Kilifi County, Kenya for example a beneficiary Dzombo Mtile who is raising his 8 children without any proper source of income is thankful to Rach Family Trust for including him in the relief food program.

[Mr. Suleiman Ngala (Centre) distributing relief food to less fortunate families in Mtwapa, Kilifi County, Kenya. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“My life has never been easy, the Covid -19 pandemic worsen the pain but the blessing hand of Mr. Rach and Miss Nabina has pumped fresh life of hope for me,” he said amid joyful tears slowly rolling down his cheeks.


“The ‘Health for All’ initiative has also transformed families who could not access proper health care due to their poor living standards and this particular program aims at ensuring the families access the required health care,” reiterated Mr. Rach.

The mechanisms includes numerous health camps for specialised care for HIV/AIDS, TB, mother and child health as well as various non-communicable diseases among them diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, bone and joint disorders, ophthalmic conditions, among others.


The organisation also aims at scaling up inequalities in access to secondary education in Africa and beyond so that all children access to education without difficulties brought up by income, gender, social group and other geographical concerns.

[Miss Nabina Bishwakarma (Left) with her Fianc’e Mr. Ravi Rach. Photo/courtesy].

On her part, Ms Nabina Bishwakarma said Rach Family Trust aims at making the world a better place for every human being to live in and for beneficiaries to leave a positive mark to the generations to come.

“We are here to share humanity, uplift the living standards of the vulnerable and cushion them from the difficulties especially those brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and many more,” she said.