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Enhance anti-drug forums to dissuade youth from addiction County gov’t urged


Mombasa County government has been challenged to enhance youth anti-drug forums to help out youth who are trapped in drug addiction.

The government should fully involve the youth in the fight against drug use so that the fight can be a success.

‘Mvita Community Development Organisation-MV-CODE’ Coordinator Hassan Omar Abdallah singled out Reachout Centre Trust as the effective anti-drug organisation that has delved in helping out youth from drug use and urged the County government to involve such experts.

He however said that the organisation needs support from the County government and the Community to enable it extends its activities to reach many youth in the County.

“As youth activists we are working towards dissuading our peers from drugs, this menace is the driving factor of crime, HIV and other social vices within Mombasa,” added the young anti-drug activist.

Abdallah appealed to the organisations fighting drugs in the county to always involve the youths in the course so that the fight bears fruits.

“If we use the youth to educate their peers in the fight against drug use, such information will sink into them and they will deter from drug addiction,” he added.

The awareness campaign is focusing more on Majengo, Old town, Floringi, Tononoka, Shimanzi among other drug affected areas of the County.

Hassan noted that youth within Mombasa needed guidance and mentoring as an effective way of taming drug addiction among them.

He has appealed to youth within Mombasa to deter from drug use but instead focus on their education, self-dependency and always embrace peacefully coexistence.