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From drastic challenged life to a CEO, Dubai young investor opens up

[Renowned young Dubai investor Mr. Ravi Rach. Photo/Courtesy].

He has lived a challenged youthful life that also affected his thirsty for education.

However, Ravi Rach would never give up despite his ailing father giving him sleepless nights.

He later opted to start working at only 15 while at the same time pursuing his education.

Mr. Ravi Rach would strive to ensure his family business grows to bigger investments, and indeed his dreams materialised.

He is the current Chief Executive Officer -CEO managing at least 12 companies under the umbrella Rachi Group of Companies-RGC.


“I encountered drastic unprecedented youthful life especially after my father was taken ill but I never retracted and here I am attaining my goals,” revealed Rach with a broad smile.

The 38 year old young investor is ever busy closely monitoring the progress in his chain of companies based in Dubai.

“Money is not everything we need but value for the money and managing your finances is what you need,” noted the young investor.

BMR Consulting, White Rock Electronic Trading, Rach Event Management Limited, Rach Family Trust are just but some of the entities he manages.


The now renowned investor in the Middle east and worldwide has also created various humanitarian projects through the Rach Family Trust.

The humanitarian body has helped vulnerable families in India, Nepal, Pakistan and some Africa countries among them Malawi and Kenya.

“Helping the needy has been my passion since I was young and through Rach Family Trust I will carry on,” he says.

[Vulnerable families receive relief food from Rach Family Trust. Photo/Rach Family Trust].

In Mtwapa, Kenya, Rach family Trust is giving relief food to a total of 45 families.

According to Rach, these families will receive the monthly relief food even after the Covid-19 pandemic has been contained.

The neediest families in Mtwapa, Kilifi County, at the Coastal Kenya are directly benefiting from Rach’s relief efforts.


Apart from the busy schedule at work, Mr. Rach also values family and social life.

He takes time off and just relaxes with friends meditating on the next step to sustain his global group of companies during these challenging times.

Rach is also a sportsman.

He likes football and cricket a situation that also pushed him to launch Rach Sports, a sports Organisation engaging in various sports disciplines in Dubai.

“In fact we are soon launching the first ever cricket academy in Dubai,” he revealed.

Mr. Rach is engaged to love of life Nabina Bishwakarma.

The charitable couple love humanity and helping the needy has been their top priority.