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Amend laws to contain human trafficking, national government challenged


The National government has been challenged to take the task in revamping the Counter- trafficking in Persons act of 2010 so as to curb the increasing cases of human trafficking in the country.

The government has further been tasked to push the National assembly to work on the issue diligently so that children, youth and women remain safe in the country.

Mombasa County department of Youth, Gender, Sports and Cultural affairs- Director of Gender Esther Ingolo said that since those mostly affected are children, women and the youth the National government should take the front seat to safeguard the future generation.

Ingolo said that recent reports indicated that most of the victims are not aware that they are falling prey to the traffickers thus making it easy for them to be trafficked outside the country where they suffer acute slavery.

Speaking in Mombasa on Friday, Ingolo revealed that Mombasa County is mostly affected with the recent research from the International Organisation for Migration IOM pointing out the South Coast as the main transit border used by traffickers.

She said that the amended laws will provide hefty penalties that will deter those involved in the illegal human trade.

“Most of these traffickers pose as rich people and honest employers but only turn out to be monsters that enslave Kenyans abroad,” she added.

Ms Ingolo said that since most youth and women are jobless then it has proved to be easy for them to fall prey.

“Some of these victims suffer slavery under their masters but since there is no one to lend a hand to, they remain numb and some end up losing their lives abroad,” she added.

She has noted that Mombasa County was working closely with IOM in creating awareness to locals so that they remain vigilant and scrutinize overseas employers who turn out to be daemons after hitting their targets.