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Female drug users need menstrual hygiene programs too-Taib


By; Mgandi Ngala


The recently launched menstrual hygiene should also consider female drug users in a bid to bring them closer to counselors.

Reachout Centre Trust, an Anti-drug lobby in the country said that female drug users also suffered the lack of sanitary towels and considering their hygiene and well being was a noble step towards their recovering process.

While addressing locals at the world menstrual hygiene day in Mombasa, Reachout Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that female drug users require basic needs including menstrual hygiene from the government as well as rehabilitation centers where they will get treatment, counseling, private and dignity services too.

According to Taib, discriminating against drug users will not solve the drug abuse menace among female addicts at the Coast and the Ministry of health should be considerate.

He urged those spearheading the program to also include female drug users since as educating them on menstrual hygiene providing them with sanitary towels would also help them understand their health and help them out of drug menace.

“We launched our ‘Sister to sister’ hygiene program to female drug users at the Coast, since the number is overwhelming we need support from the national government,” he added.

The ‘Sister to sister’ program spearheaded by anti- drugs abuse activist focusing more on female drug users at the Coast Faizah Hamid also helps female drug users with hygiene packs.

“The hygiene pack offered monthly to over 240 female drug users consists of two underwears, a tooth brush, tooth paste, bathing and washing soaps, sanitary towels, and lotion,” noted Mr. Taib.

Both male and female recovering drug users benefit from clothes from well- wishers and friends of Reachout Centre Trust in Mombasa.

The Anti- drug Icon in the country, appealed to health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki to consider female drug users so that they also benefit from the menstrual hygiene program launched by the national government.