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FIDA launches “Vote a Dada” campaign.


The road map towards claiming political and various leadership positions for the underprivileged women in the country is finally taking shape.

Women for the longest time have decried being discriminated against especially in key leadership positions that resulted in a vast of their issues being less represented or even not seeing the light of day.

Under the umbrella of the International Federation of Women Lawyers, that is, Federation International De Abogadas (FIDA), a campaign dubbed “Vote a Dada” was launched.

The campaign was launched on Thursday during the 2021 Women Leadership Conference held in 6 counties virtually.

The event which saw a pool of FIDA and various dignitaries drawn from numerous women organizations, Kenya women parliamentary association, Human rights groups as well as Judiciary, discussed in length women’s political participation, prospects, and how to seize the available opportunities in different levels.

NARC Kenya Chairperson Martha Karua, who was the chief guest at the event challenged the women to take up roles and fully participate for them to realize their potential and initiate the change they want in the country.

She reiterated the power to transform our society as well as the country at large lies squarely upon women but that will only be achieved if they take up leadership roles, instill their contribution, and aid in the decision-making process before the implementation stage.

The discussion during the two-day event also revolved around electoral preparedness and security as the country is heading towards the August 9 2022 general election.

The leaders in the forum stressed the importance of setting up measures that will mitigate against electoral-related Gender-Based Violence, a situation that has had an adverse impact on women.