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Gender activists protests increased gender based violence

[Haki Africa Deputy Executive director Salma Hemed. Photo/Pauline Kwamboka].

Gender and children rights defenders at the Coast have protested increased gender based violence in the country.

The activists said the trend especially involving male politicians was very worrying and must be quelled.

Speaking in Mombasa on Wednesday the activists led by Haki Africa Deputy Executive director Salma Hemed said that women should not remain mum as their colleagues are being tormented.

She accused male politicians for taking advantage of their female counterparts.

According to Ms. Hemed, the drift is very worrying and must be tamed.

GBV cases worrying

“It started way back where former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero slapped Former Nairobi Women representative Rachael Shebesh and the Recent one being Wajir Women representative Fatma Gedi who was physically assaulted right at Parliament buildings, why are we normalising GBV?” posed Ms. Hemed.

[Wajir women representative Fatma Gedi after she was assaulted by Wajir East MP Rashid Amin. Photo/Courtesy].

She said if such unfortunate occurrences in the political arena are tolerated, the fight against GBV in the country will remain unattained dream.

Salma urged for a sober approach and a proper fight against the social vice.

“It is a shame for a leader who should stand out as a role model to embrace violence against women,” insisted the gender activist.

She appealed for drastic punishment to all those who physically and emotionally abuse women.


Salma said women in this country were going through both physical and psychological torturer.

She also called for assistance from the judiciary so that such cases can be determined soonest and culprits heavily punished.

“When we discuss these matters, we vividly understand the grave of the situation at the Coast, we should in unison tame it,” she urged.

She called on men to join the gender rights defenders in containing gender based violence at the Coast.