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Kenya Red cross Society extends humanitarian aid to elderly in Mombasa

A humanitarian body over the weekend embarked on visiting elderly homes in Mombasa distributing relief to the elderly.

The Kenya Red cross Society, Mombasa branch welfare officers and volunteers noted that there was need for the elderly to get humanitarian assistance so that they do not feel discriminated.

KRCS Mombasa Branch Welfare Officer Rafik Rauf, said that it was under the organisation’s mandate to ensure such people get the required basic needs and comfort.

“We need things like diapers for the elderly among other humanitarian reliefs that will directly benefit the elderly,” said Mr. Rauf.

He said the elderly should not feel dumped in these elderly homes but instead places where they get solace and comfort during their old age.

According to Mr. Rauf, there was nothing better that giving the much needed help to the needy in the society.

“We have been conducting these programs during the holy month of Ramadhan and during other religious celebrations including Easter and Christmas, but we are now doing it as a continuous program,” noted the dedicated social worker.

He appealed to well-wishers to help the organisation so that it reach many elderly and children’s home across the Coast region.

On her part, Kenya Red Cross society Coast region Vice Chair Zakia Mohammed said that the elderly and children homes were facing humanitarian challenges that should be tackled.

“Some of these facilities are invaded by bedbugs, they are dirty, the habitats are suffering from various ailments, they need urgent medical attention, nutritional foods, care and support,” said Zakia.