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Lamu female MCA’S raise red flag over insecurity

[Lamu County Assembly Nominated MCA Amina Kale (addressing) is flanked by Hindi West MCA Anab Hajj (close right) Nominated MCA Jane Ndung'u among other Lamu County Assembly leaders. Photo/ Hussein Mdune]

A section of the Lamu County Assembly members have expressed their concerns over the manner in which the security agents are handling the insecurity concern in the County.

The female MCA’s said that the county has faced a drastic insecurity challenge but fewer efforts are being implemented to curb the problem.

Led by Hindi West Ward MCA Anab Hajj, they said that some of the Wards including Hindi West borders Somalia and most projects could not be executed due to perennial Al-Shabab attacks.

Anab said that female MCA’s are facing double challenge as apart from being harassed by the same security agents they also fear for being easy targets by the Al-Shabab attackers.

“We have raised these concerns to security details in Lamu but nothing is being done, we are living in total fear,” said Anab.

In a press briefing held in Mombasa, Wednesday, the female MCA’s together with Human rights defenders from Muslims for Human rights MUHURI, appealed to the central government to seriously work out plan to improve security in the county so that the women can properly expedite their duties.

Speaking at the same briefing Amina Kale and Jane Ndung’u both nominated MCA’s in the County also urged the central government to do whatever it takes so as to end the series of Al-Shabab attacks and other forms of insecurity in the County.

Kale said that it will be relatively difficult for the women and other leaders to perform their duties in such unfavourable environment and threatening conditions.

On his part, MUHURI’s Rapid response Officer Francis Auma assured the women leaders that MUHURI was going to support their push for increased security vigilance in the County.

Auma said that Lamu has for a long time faced serious insecurity challenges and killing of innocent people including security agents.

“Both the locals and security officer are being attacked and killed by Al-Shabab, the government should increase its vigilance so that we do not lose more lives,” he said.