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Most rape cases committed by close relatives- MUHURI

MUHURI Field Officer Topister Juma. Photo/ Davis Mbunga]

Most rape perpetrators are very close relatives of victims, a gender and children rights activist has revealed.

Fathers, uncles and other close relatives have been rated as the most dangerous perpetrators of rape and other forms of violence against children.

According to Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI field Officer who is also gender and children’s rights activist in the region Topister Juma, rape cases at the Coast are on the rise.

She revealed that some of the cases especially in the rural areas are not reported to the relevant authorities.

She further noted that some of the parents do not want to report the cases since those involved are the breadwinners of the families and thus poses a family shame.

Topister noted that more awareness should be done in the Coastal rural part so that victims of rape get justice.

“We have very good laws which can lead to harsh punishment to the perpetrators, however if unknown to the community the problem will persist,” she said.

However, Topister noted that MUHURI was already conducting an awareness campaign on gender based violence and sexual violence against children so that locals can take the lead role in protecting children.

She said that cultural practices and beliefs have dwindled the fight against gender based violence and violence and children, especially girls. She further noted that the human rights lobby will focus more in rural areas on its awareness campaign.

Topister appealed to the judiciary to give hefty punishment to the rape perpetrators.