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Pass two third gender rule bill, say Kwale women rep

[Kwale Women Representative Zuleikha Juma. Photo/Alloys Musyoka]

Kwale county Women representative has said that male leaders who are scared of women presence in leadership should face the reality and pass the two third rule bill.

Zuleikha Juma said that there are ‘men leaders’ who fear women taking leadership and will do anything possible to frustrate passing of the two third gender rule.

The bill which was re-introduced in parliament by Aden Duale after failing to get support since 2012, she said if both gender in parliament work together it will be achieved.

“Men fear supporting it since they feel that women will face them politically in future but they should support it for nation’s prosperity because we are ready to go for positions if we are not given our slots,” she added.

Juma said that women leaders who have been in leadership are ready to face off their men counterparts in positions by all means and win if women positions are scraped off as proposed by some leaders.

“Even if women positions are removed in parliament we will still go for other positions because I feel there are people who fear our presence, that will not worry us we will do everything possible to compete and win,” she said.

The Kwale County MP noted that gender equality issue in the country is not about battling male counterpart as it is being perceived.

She said that equality even in men leadership should not be less than that of women in parliament,” she said.

She said that most issues touching on women in parliament are passed because of their presence and therefore passing of the bill is very crucial.

She noted that the sanitary program implemented in the country is as a result of women leaders support and presence in parliament.

She said that time has come for women to battle it out and get their space in leadership.

Juma scoffed at those claiming women leaders nomination as part of the country over-representation saying that the burden Kenya is feeling is as a result of corruption.

“Those saying the country is over-represented do not want to fight corruption. We lose Sh 600 million every year to corruption according to reports.  Reports also indicate that people are hiding money five times more than our annual budget outside the country,” she added.

Zuleikha is optimistic that the introduction of the two third gender rule in parliament by Aden Duale will sail through by garnering support from both men and women for the country to attain its development agenda.