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Likoni police accused of mishandling rape case as MUHURI fights for justice

[MUHURI Gender and children rights Officer Topista Juma (holding a baby with 12 year old minor who was raped and impregnated at Likoni, Mombasa. Photo/courtesy]

Police in Likoni are being accused of maltreatment of a case where a minor was raped and impregnated last year.

The mother of the 12 year old girl Bidalah Mohammed said she has been pushing for justice but police have been evading her, watering down her case.

Speaking to journalists at her Likoni home, Wednesday, Bidalah said that her child was impregnated when 11 years old and gave birth, however she has been toiling for justice but nothing tangible has come out from her efforts.

“I call upon gender rights defenders to rescue us from the tribulations we are going through with my child and grandchild,” noted Bidalah.

While visiting the family of Bidalah at their Likoni home, Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI Gender and child rights Officer Topista Juma said that MUHURI will closely follow the incident until justice prevails.

She said despite such cases being on the rise in the Coast region they are not reported to the gender rights defenders for proper follow ups.

“There is no consent whats so ever between an 11 year old girl and an elder, we will pursue this particular case until justice prevails for this family,” she said.

Topista said that MUHURI will conduct its own investigations and she further appealed to Likoni top police officers to help the organisation unearth what transpired to the young girl.

She also revealed that she will gather the required information from the health facility where the minor delivered her baby.

“This young girl should be in school and not bringing up another child, this particular incident will be properly handled within the law,” she said.

She said police should be in the forefront in protecting children.

The gender and child rights officer appealed to other child rights defenders in the region to join hands in ensuring all those involved face full wrath of the law.