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Reachout female staff benefit from hygiene pack


By; Hussein Mdune

A Coast based anti-drug lobby has extended its hygiene program to its staff and outreach workers attached to the organization.

The program which has been implemented for over three years targeting  recovering female drug users has been extended to female staff who will also benefit from the hygiene pack.

Speaking at the Reachout Centre Trust Old town offices in Mombasa on Monday, the Programs officer Faiza Hamid said that the positive move would show care and dignity for female staff in the organization.

She said that though the program targeted recovering female drug users it was noble for it to be extended to the female as well.

She however said that compared to a variety of products given to recovering drugs users, Reachout Centre trust female staff will only receive sanitary towels.

“Under the ‘Sister to sister’ program we issue sanitary towels, two panties monthly, washing and bathing soap, body lotion, a comb , tooth paste and tooth brush but for female staff they do not benefit from all these,” she said.

She however applauded the Organization for taking such initiative that showed recognition and dignity.

On his part, Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that under the ‘Women at heart’ initiative, gender concerns in the organization were fully adhered to.

He said that women staff should be treated with dignity and accorded the social assistance they needed for them to perform their duties effectively.

“I call upon other organization and corporate entities to emulate the same by having special programs and reliefs for women so that they work under proper and comfortable condition,” he said.