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Use your talents to fight child abuse, gender based violence artists urged

[Haki Africa Deputy director Salma Hemed. Photo/ Davis Mbunga]

Gender rights activists have weighed in the sexist and nudity expressed by some local artists.

They said the pathetic behavior will only trigger sexual abuse against minors.

The activists said artist should take the lead role in protecting children but they have distanced themselves from such important roles and they only fight for fame and money.

Haki Africa Deputy Executive director and gender activist Salma Hemed said that the recent exchange between artists and government officials over last weekend detrimental.

She said such artists especially those who perform at the Coast must balance between entertainment and ethics.

She said the young generation is attracted to such nudity and sexist language expressed by artists and the impact is very drastic.

“You don’t have to perform while naked for you to pull crowd, respect yourself and you will earn our respect,” Said Salma.

She expressed her disappointment on how artists would do anything including openly expressing explicit signs while on stage to remain relevant to their audience.

[Top Kenyan artist Esther Akoth (Akothee) during her thrilling performance at Watamu at the Coastal Kenya. Photo/Haramo Ali]

“As much as they are entertaining us, they are disintegrating the young generation, the government should stop this nonsense,” noted Ms. Salma.

She urged to embrace self dignity and respect saying “A rotten generation will be irrelevant to any country,”

Salma’s sentiments come amid heated exchange between KFCB CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua and renowned artist Akothee who over the weekend during her thrilling performance at Watamu allegedly went to the stage while semi-nude.

However, Akothee has since ignored Mutua saying she was being herself and she was nobody’s keeper.