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Women challenged to go for male dominated jobs

[Ms Janet Mirobi (Mama Jawambe) during the interview. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

A Vocal grassroots leader who doubles also as a woman seafarer has challenged women in the country to take-up male dominated jobs.

Speaking in Mombasa on Monday, Janet Mirobi popularly known as Mama Jawambe, urged women folk not to shun male dominated jobs.

She charged that it is high time that women stand up and become self-reliant by taking up jobs that are considered to be for men alone instead of depending on their partners for survival.

Mama Jawambe said it’s unfortunate that most women in the country are afraid to take up male dominated jobs as they cannot stand the pressure of working with men, and they are only clamoring for white color office jobs which are not sufficient.

Ms Janet also lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for elevating women in various positions.

“Women are pillar of economy and the government should need to boost women through loan incentives to enable them start small businesses.

Another grassroot woman leader Ms Margaret Olang challenged women to take up roles in political leadership instead of waiting for political appointments and promotions.

Ms Olang said through President Uhuru Kenyatta leadership many women have been given plum jobs in the government sector and there is big representation of women in parliament.