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Women need more civic education on terrorism- MUHURI

[MUHURI Gender and child rights Officer Topista Juma. Photo/Maxwell Ngala}

Coastal women should be well equipped with relevant information regarding extremism and terrorism so that they detect such traps from their locality.

Coast women have been regarded as vulnerable to extremism and terrorism related issues thus the urgent need for in depth engagement in policy matters revolving around extremism, terrorism and security.

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI Gender and child rights officer Topista Juma said that in most situations, women are caught in the terrorism trap unaware.

She said women are subjected to both physical and psychological torture and suffering but when well outfitted with relevant civic education from the right public institutions and security departments, the situation can be overhauled.

Speaking in a women’s’ forum in Mombasa, Ms Juma said that though efforts are being implemented to contain the security yet social problem, a multi agency engagement is needed.

“Some of these women were lured into the mess by their own husbands, relatives and some by their peers, however most of them found themselves in the trap unknowingly,” she reiterated.

She singled out Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Lamu counties as most affected where women are subjected to suffering after security agents link them to terror.

“MUHURI has been conducting civic education on security to women but we urge security agents to lend a hand in making the whole process a success,” she noted.

Already a network under the banner ‘Women Against Violent Extremism’ was formed by women activists to help women who fell victims of terrorism at the Coast piece up their lives.