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Women should tirelessly fight for political leadership

[MUHURI Gender and child rights Officer Topista Juma. Photo/Haramo Ali].

Despite various obstacles in the political arena, women should soldier on and fight for political leadership.

Coastal women should stand up and reorganise themselves so that they get top political positions in the country.

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI Gender and children rights officer Topista Juma said women are the best leaders who can take the country to a top level.

She said if women unite for one course of clinching top political positions the nation will prosper.

Speaking in Mombasa, Topista said in the recent past, women have shown the zeal of getting into top political leadership, but they have faced various challenges including financial constraints and support from their own community.

She said despite all obstacles they should push and get into the country’s top leadership.

According to Topista, cultural beliefs from the Coastal region have instilled inferiority forcing women to distance themselves from politics.

“We cannot take back seat yet we are capable of clinching top political seats, let’s move on and make our dream a reality,” she said.

She urged women already in political leadership to nurture their colleagues so that they succeed in the tough political battle.

“Our Coastal communities should fully support women in their quest for political positions,” noted Ms. Topista.

She urged Coastal women to support their colleagues who have shown interest in politics.

Topista noted that time for women to battle it out with their male colleagues in political leadership was now.

She urged the Coastal community to thwart poor cultural practices that for the past years have hindered women to venture into politics.

She appealed for unity among women so that they properly plan on how they can secure top political positions in future general elections.