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Gnashed to the ground but never dispirited in pursuing acrobat

[Renowned acrobat Mohamed Ismat. Photo/Haramo Ali].

‘In my childhood, I encountered unforgettable incident that almost made me visually impaired but I never shipped out of what I love best, acrobat. I hold no grudge to anyone since this particular incident turned to be my blessing’

A favourite and encouraging quote that ever leaves young acrobat Mohamed Ismat in total peace of mind and heart.

Despite the chilling encounters, the young talented acrobat has for the last four years been doing what he loves best, acrobat.

He has upgraded it to fit the acro-dance league where he fuses acrobats with dance.

Mr Ismat admits that his life has been full of obstacles and to some extent nasty encounter that only strengthened his spirit, dedication and vision to the level he is now.

First, he was involved in an accident while performing in Kilifi, 2017 alongside legendary Tanzania actor the late Amri Athuman famously known as Mzee Majuto.

“My right leg was broken and for more than 7 months I remained indoors. I was discouraged and almost gave up but my parents and siblings were and are always there for me. I recollected myself and I was back at the stage,” he reveals with a broad smile.

Beyond human

Ismat vividly remembers his nasty encounter at the age of 11 that changed his life for good.

“I was attending Madrassa teachings when our teacher unintentionally hit me and injured my left eye. The doctor later revealed to me that the damage was dense and beyond rectification. It was completely replaced with an artificial eye,” he disclosed.


[Talented Acrobat Mohamed Ismat performing during International Youth Day at the Swahilipot Hub. Photo/Haramo Ali].

His peers played mockery on him but the bold-hearted strong Muslim just ignored, today Ismat is a respected, talented young man with a defined social circle.

“My family and I absolved the teacher since he was remorseful. In fact he is my number one fan in all my performances, I hold no grudge at all. These encounters have become my blessings and life changing experiences,” divulged Ismat.

With all the basic education at Burhaniya primary school and Tudor day secondary school in Mombasa Ismat only wanted to pursue acrobats and acro-dance since that soothes his heart.

It all started with G-Cleff dancers but he would later demarcate his lines and recently during the International youth day, he gave his peers and dignitaries a sizzling performance at the Swahilipot Hub in Mombasa.


He has worked in various hotels among them Kaskazi beach, Amani Tiwi Beach, Jacaranda among many others in Kwale and Kilifi counties as Sports animator, volleyball and soccer trainer, swimming fitness and Yoga trainer among many other disciplines.

He fluently speaks Germany, Italian, English and Swahili languages, amazing his vast fans.

“I once performed in Ethiopia. That was my first breakthrough, hopefully after the Covid-19 pandemic if all goes well I want to perform in countries among them Sweden, Germany, US among many other countries,” he reveals.

The talented acro-dance ensures his body is physically fit and flexible enough so that he never disappoints his fans.

Tourist attraction

Ismat however feels that despite the unique talents among acrobats countrywide and specifically within Coast region, investors especially in the hotel industry have side-lined such tourists attraction talent.

[Mohamed Ismat doing what he loves best, acrobat. Photo/Haramo Ali].

“The hotel industry need to recognise acrobatic and acro-dance as a unique tourist attraction and entertaining field that need to be extremely tapped,” he noted.

Ismat wants to be a profession acrobat and acro-dance trainer.

He also challenged both county and national governments to focus more on developing young talents to enable them earn a living from their God-given talents.

Already there are ongoing efforts to register the Association of Kenya in Acrobats that according to Ismat will be a new beginning for the acrobatic entertainment sector in the country.

[You can reach Mohamed Ismat on Muhammad Eysmert on all his social media handles or through info@jambonewsnetwork.com]