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How Covid-19 pressed for service to humanity.

[KRCS Mombasa branch Chairperson and Swahilipot HubPatron Mr. Mahmoud Noor engaging senior security officers manning the Likoni ferry channel. Photo/courtesy].

When the first Covid-19 case was announced in the country in 13th March, Kenyans were indeed sent to panic.

The government too was and is still worried trying to caution Kenyans on how best they can evade the pandemic.

As the figures soared to 189 as at Friday, the situation remains the same with the government urging Kenyans to observe health and safety guidelines provided by the Ministry of health.

Concerted efforts have been witnessed from all parts of the country with government urging Kenyans to protect themselves by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

At the Coast, All efforts have been put in place to avert further spread of Coronavirus.


However, the delicate situation at the Likoni ferry channel drew the attention of selfless community servants.

“This pandemic needs to be fought by all, at the Likoni crossing channel for example we have tried all we can including distributing face masks, sanitizers and assisting in ensuring ferry users adhere to the social distancing rule,” revealed Kenya Red Cross Society Mombasa Branch Chairperson Mahmoud Noor.

According to Mr. Noor, locals must accept the fact that Covid-19 has changed their way of living and they must abide by the health and safety provisions.

“You should not wait for your neighbor to guide you on what to do but be the one your neighbor can emulate for our safety,” noted the youth mentor who has been mobilising the youth, fully engaging them in social activities at the busy channel.


Another community servant and Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman is among those who were and are still in the fore front in ensuring not only at the Likoni channel  but locals within Mombasa County take the responsibility of preventing Covid-19.

“We are not only focusing on the Likoni Channel but the entire Mombasa County, people should seriously observe the health guidelines or else we will all be victims,” said Mr. Taib.

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman assisting security agents in guiding ferry users during pick hours. Photo. Tom Fondo].

The anti drug activist has been carrying the same awareness campaign to people who use drugs and also distributing personal protective equipment to them.

He has been distributing face masks, sanitizers and soaps among other essentials to keep Coronavirus away.

Human rights defenders too have joined the wagon of ensuring locals get and put into practice the required health guidelines.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid appealed for a unison approach in fighting Covid-19.

He said the disease has paralysed almost everything in the country and resulting into a restriction in movements in Kwale, Mombasa Kilifi and Nairobi counties.

“I urged Kenyans and especially Coastal people to unite and fight this dangerous pandemic, let’s not be killed by ignorance and recklessness,” he retreated.