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How Mombasa youth took anti-Covid-19 campaign mantle

[Hassan Omar Abdallah (R) with other youth assisting an injured man at the Likoni Ferry channel. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Since the government announced its first Coronavirus case in the country, on 12th March this year, youth in Mombasa stood up for their community.

The outstanding community service that moved many involved youth ensuring locals using the busy Likoni channel get face masks.

None put into consideration where they got the masks from but because of being bold-hearted they exactly heed to the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe call on youth to take the lead role in fighting Coronavirus in the Country.

One of them Is Mr. Rafik Rauf from the Kenya Red Cross Society, Mombasa branch who led other volunteers among them Said Hassan tracing officer,  Iftakhar Majid and many others of the humanitarian body volunteers in ensuring the vulnerable families get relief food.

[Exhausted! KRCS Mombasa branch official Mr. Rafik Rauf taking a nap after an overnight relief food distribution in Changamwe, Mombasa Photo/courtesy].

The youth spends day and night traversing Mombasa county to ensure the needy and those economically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic get food and other basic needs.

“It is our responsibility to help our own community, the disease has affected all of us and we should be there for one another,” said the selfless community servant.

At Reachout Centre Trust, youthful Anti-drug campaigner Hassan Omar Abdallah assisted by his own Boss and renowned Anti-drug activist and youth mentor Taib Abdulrahman implemented a public address program creating awareness to the community on how to prevent Coronavirus disease from their locality.

[Mombasa youthful anti-drug campaigner Hassan Omar Abdallah in a public awareness anti-Covid-19 campaign. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Through the public address system Hassan and colleagues from the anti-drug organisation have been crossing the county creating awareness to the community and distributing face masks too and hand sanitisers to recovering drug users as well.

On the other hand youth under the mentorship of Mr. Mahmoud Noor, Swahilipot Hub Patron also ventured into public awareness campaign.

Mr. Noor, a renowned mentor and the Kenya Red Cross Society Mombasa branch Chairperson has been encouraging Mombasa youth to embrace volunteerism and community service.

[KRCS Mombasa branch Chairperson Mr. Mahmoud Noor distributing relief food at Jomvu. Photo/courtesy].

“None of us planned for Coronavirus, it hit us and we have to safeguard our community, said the youth mentor.

In Nyali constituency, Kadzandani Creative youth organisation has also been in the forefront in making face masks and distributing them to the community for free.

The Organisation’s Executive Director Omar Chai said they are in a mission to distribute over 10,000 masks to locals.

[Kadzandani Creative Youth Organisation Executive Director Omar Chai distributing face masks to Bodaboda riders. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“We are not just distributing face masks to locals but educating locals in the entire Kadzandani ward on how to avert the spread of Coronavirus disease,” noted Mr. Chai.

They have already distributed over 300 face mask to locals in the area.

In Mvita constituency, youth leader Mohammed Hussein famously known as Amadoh together with other youth activists have partnered with area MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir to mount posters in all parts of the constituency in a bid to encourage residents to properly follow health regulations to fight Coronavirus.

The silent campaign has enabled locals to volunteer for the Coronavirus mass testing exercise.

[Mvita youth Leader Mohammed Hussein Amadoh mounting posters on anti-Covid-19 campaign. Photo/Abbas Omar].

“Mvita constituency and especially Old town area has been on the government eye following soaring number of positive cases, we are working hard to contain further spread of the deadly,” noted Mr. Hussein.

Indeed Mombasa youth have embraced voluntarism and community service, uniting them for a noble course.