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77 unresolved murder in 8 months -MUHURI

[MUHURI's Rapid Raesponse Officer Francis Auma talking to locals at Mtongwe area in Mombasa. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

77 people have been executed in cold blood, Mombasa County in a spark of eight months.

Muslims for Human Rights- MUHURI said the unresolved murder has sent locals into a panic mode uncertain on who should intervene and end the pandemonium situation the county.

MUHURI’S Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma said that most cases have been reported from Kisauni and Likoni Sub-Counties.

Speaking in Mombasa on Saturday Auma said that locals in Kisauni, Likoni and other parts of the county were living in fear since they do not exactly know whom to turn to.

He said that some were killed by Police officers while others were executed by criminal gangs operating within Kisauni constituency.

Auma said that the trend was worrying and appealed for top Police bosses and the community to work closely with human rights defenders so as to end that conflicting situation.

“We have been recording killings of locals every day, mostly from Kisauni and Likoni Sub counties, some committed by security agents and other armed gangs, the situation is getting out of hand,” said Mr. Auma.

He said that locals were living in fear since the situation had worsened.

“Police, Political leaders, locals and human rights defenders should work on ways of solving the situation, Mombasa is slowly becoming a no go zone for other Kenyans and especially tourists,” added Mr. Auma.

He said that by all means, the bloodletting situation should be contained.

Utange, Mtopanga, Bamburi, Mishomoroni, Mwandoni and Barsheba have been named as some of the areas experiencing high levels of insecurity within Kisauni constituency while Mtongwe, Shika adabu and barabara ya mchanga singled out as some of the hotspots areas within Likoni area.

Police have since distanced themselves from extrajudicial killings claims.

Recently Mombasa County Police commandant Johnston Ipara said that police were only pursuing criminals and not innocent locals.

However, Human rights defenders led by MUHURI insisted that police should also abide by the law by arresting suspects and not necessarily executing them without conducting in depth and proper investigations.