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Activists demands explanation from police over Likoni killings

[Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta addressing journalists at the CGRH morgue. Photo/Ali Chete].

A disturbing CCTV footage showing a police officer executing two suspects in Likoni Sub county, Mombasa has attracted the attention of human rights defenders.

The activists have accused the police officer for executing the two suspected robbers instead of employing other means of taming them.

Addressing journalists at the Coast general referral hospital in Mombasa on Monday during an autopsy of the two men suspected to be robbers terrorising Likoni residents, Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta said police ought to have used other means without necessarily killing the two.

He said, since the police officer was armed, he should have shoot them on the legs so that he can arrest and charge the suspects before the court.

Urge to kill

“It is evident that our police officers are only looking for an opportunity to kill and not to save lives, we demand more explanation from them, we are not satisfied with the defense they are currently giving us,” said Mr. Shipetta.

He said the incident amounts to excessive use of force against the two suspects.

“How can a police officer pour more then 20 rounds of ammunition on just two suspects? That shows how inhuman our police officers are,” he told journalists.


His sentiments were backed by the Coast civil society group Chairperson Simon Kazungu who urged police to exercise humanity even when handling such delicate situations.

“That was a pure execution, the police officer did not even think of injuring them so that he could arrest and press charges against the two,” he said.

Mr. Kazungu further appealed to the security agents to follow the law even when prompted to use their fire arms.

The execution footage

In the CCTV footage, the police officer is seen pursuing two suspects who are said to have tried to use metal rods to break into his shop in likoni last Saturday at night.

The suspects are trying to escape and the police officer shoots at them killing them instantly.

The third suspects who is not seen in the footage is said to have escaped with gunshot wounds and police are still pursuing him.