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ATPU should stop gross human rights violation in Coast, North Eastern-MUHURI

[MUHURI Chairman Khelef Khalifa. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

A human rights lobby is urging the government to cease gross human rights violation in the Coast and North Eastern regions.

This comes in the wake of 13 reported disappearance cases in Garissa County.

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI Chairman Khelef Khalifa said security agents have for long time distanced themselves from such nasty human rights violation.

He however said one of those abducted Yusuf Mohammed in his early 30s and a Madrassa teacher was found locked up at the anti-terror headquarters in Nairobi.

He said Yusuf was forcefully bundled into a land-cruiser at a Madrassa in Bulla Sagarey, Wabere East in Garissa Township.

Yusuf has been a Madrassa teacher for the last 15 years and he experienced the inhuman police act right in front of his 150 students all of them minors.

The whereabouts of the other four who disappeared on the same day remains a puzzle.

“We don’t want to interfere with police work but the manner they are operating is causing more harm. It is aggravating extremism,” Khalifa said.

He said it was against the law.

The human rights organisation has been conducting a week long legal aid clinics in Garissa County after opening an office that is mandated to gather, document and propose legal action to tame human right violation in North Eastern part of Kenya.

At the legal aid clinic, locals complained Department of Military Intelligence and ATPU officers from outside Garissa are terrorizing locals.

Mukhtar Dahir said locals are usually tortured for confession.

“Youths, businessmen and returnees are the target,” he said.

He said officers are normally wild and can shoot at slightest provocation.

MUHURI Executive director Hassan Abdille said 12 people have disappeared in Garissa since January this year.

“The figure was 13 but Yusuf has been found,” he said.