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Auma ditches Haki Africa, back to MUHURI


Renowned vibrant human rights defender Francis Auma has left Haki Africa human rights organisation and head back to Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI in the same capacity as Rapid Response Officer.

It is not yet clear what transpired between him and the Executive Director Hussein Khalid but reliable sources have revealed that there was a cold rift between the two.

The result of the rift was the efforts that Auma exerted in the inquest of the death of a Britons Alexander Monson where Auma took the lead in ensuring justice of the UK family.

Auma has been very vibrant since he joined Haki Africa in 2012 making the organisation rising to the helm and earning international recognition for fighting for human rights and taking the government head-on on the issues of extra judicial killings in the Coast region.

Auma has been a tireless activist for the longest while and used to work for the Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI before joining Haki Africa.

However, Auma stayed numb over the matter and only revealed that he will soldier on in defending human rights and the rule of law at the Coast.

He was received at MUHURI offices by the Executive Director Hassan Abdille who said that MUHURI as the oldest human rights organisation turning 21 this month will carry on with its mandate of championing for human rights at the Coast and beyond.

Abdille said that MUHURI will work towards ensuring there is justice for all, will work close with the government in taming extra judicial killings and forced disappearances in the region and empower Coastal residents to fight for their rights and justice.