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Bold-hearted Lamu youth helps disabled school boy


The Lamu Youth Assembly moved to aide a young physically challenged young boy at Kiangwe in Boni, Basuba Ward access education.

The group of youth leaders during their recent policy cycle youth Baraza activities at Kiangwe, Lamu county spotted the 13-year old boy and a grade three pupil at the Kiangwe Primary school, Basuba Ward Lamu East.

The young boy, Mohamed Adhan Dagano has for the last three years spent hours to reach school and back home since his parents could not afford a wheelchair.

“It was during our second policy cycle public Baraza in the area when we saw the hopeless and vividly pained young Dagano who could not join his peers in playing. This pained us and some could not hold back their tears,” Said Lamu Youth Assembly Sergeant at Arms, Abduswamad Mohamed.

The youth, later joined hands and reached the Persons With Disability Parliamentary Union who handed over the wheelchair.

“The Parliamentary Union also promised a total medical checkup for the young Dagano,” noted Mr. Abduswamad.

He further said that Lamu Youth Assembly has ventured into highlighting on various community issues and pushing for possible alternative solutions.

The Lamu youth activist has singled out youth unemployment, self reliance, drug addiction and crime, leadership among other vast social problems in the county as their priority.

His sentiments were fully backed by Lamu youth activist and human rights defender Yunus Is’hakia Ahmed, who appealed to parents to seek all avenues so that they help their physically challenged children.

Ahmed said, all children should get basic education despite some being abled differently.

“Parents with physically challenged children should not hide them or deem them as a burden within their families. These are people who are abled differently and can help their own families and the entire society,” Noted Mr. Ahmed.