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Cleared of terror charges, rearrested, family wants Uhuru’s intervention

[Close left, Juweriya Islam, MUHURI'S RRO Francis Auma (Center) and MUHURI'S Executive director Hassan Abdille. Photo/Kenga Cyrus]

A family from Lamu has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene so that they get back their son after he was arrested three days ago.

The family of Nassir Abdallah Skanda, 31 on Tuesday pleaded with the top security agents to help them find their son who was on 2014 arrested by anti-terror police unit, charged before court and four years later cleared of terror charges.

Skanda’s mother Juweriya Nassir Islam on Tuesday told journalists at Muslims for Human Rights- MUHURI offices that her son has been for the last 9 months staying at the home in Bondeni area, Mombasa  after he cleared of terror charges.

 Juweriya said her son has just gotten construction work in Nyali area last week and was arrested when he was heading to the mosque with colleagues.

“I can’t differentiate between abduction and arrest anymore since the people identified themselves as police officers,” she tearfully narrated.

Juweriya who broke down during the press briefing said that she only want his son back.

“I have not been eating or sleeping, thinking about my son who left me with a 5 year old girl child, how will I take care of him? I have searched all over, please bring him back whether he is dead or alive, I will thank God for that,” he painfully retorted.

On his part, MUHURI’S Rapid response Officer Francis Auma revealed that all those cleared of terror charges were now being trailed by people believed to be police officers.

Auma said that the situation was scaring as many families at the Coast were left in agony without knowing whom to turn to.

Auma said it was a very worrying trend that has proved futile in the fight against extremism and terrorism in the country and especially at the Coast.

“The situation has worsen, Skanda was cleared of terror charges where together with others they were alleged to have planned a terror attack at Reef Hotel, Nyali in 2014, only to be cleared four years later and rearrested, we are not surprised but equally disappointed,” he said.

Auma also revealed that the cars used for the arrest after a search at the KRA the registrations numbers displays a truck and not a probox car.

“We are calling for the security agents to help this family get back their son, it seems the judiciary is useless to the police,” posed Auma.

Skanda’s family lawyer Chacha Mwita on Tuesday filed a herbius corpus (produce the body) case before the high court.