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Confusion over circulating list of most wanted criminals in Mombasa

[MUHURI chairman Khelef Khalifa with Shafi's mother (left) at her home on December 3, 2019. Photo/Davis Mbunga]

It has emerged that the circulating list of six youth said to be the most wanted is a fabrication since they surrendered and underwent reform process.

A section of human rights defenders have disputed the list saying that most youth who were recruited in the Old town youth gang surrendered to police in 2017 and successfully underwent reform processes.

They said that some after successful reformed were assisted to initiate their businesses and are operating their income generating projects.

However, among those who went through the reform process was Shaffi Salim who was gunned down by police barely two days ago at Mwembe tayari area in Mombasa.

Shaffi, 23 years old was gunned down by police outside his play station shop at ‘Fire’ area within Mombasa’s Central Business District.

His accomplice Abdulrahman Maki was arrested and later charge at Mombasa law courts where police said they recovered from him six sachets of heroine.

He was released on a sh. 150,000 bond with the pretrial set for the 4th of February this year.

However, Haki Africa, a human rights organisation which carried out the reform processes has cautioned the public against spreading fabricated list of the reformed youth that they are still being pursued by security agents.

They said the information being spread through social media platforms may lead to more killings of innocent youth who have reformed and are earning an honest living.

On Thursday, Muslim for Human Rights-MUHURI Chairman Khelef Khalifa appealed to the public to help the organisation and police trace the criminals who have caused injuries and pain to locals.

However, Khalifa urged the police to arrest and charge the suspects instead of killing them.