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Constitute public inquiry to unearth extra judicial killings- Haki Africa

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid addressing journalists. Photo/Atrash Mbwana].

Human rights lobby Haki Africa is once again calling on the government to constitute a public inquiry to investigate the soaring extra judicial killings incidents witnessed in the country.

This is after four more bodies were found at the vast Tsavo National park on Saturday.

Badly mutilated

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said the cases of people disappearing and their bodies found badly mutilated was very worrying.

Speaking at the Makindu Sub-county hospital after the families of the four people positively identified their keen.

Mr. Khalid said the situation was extremely worrying and needed to be quelled.

“Juma Said Sarai, Khalfan Linuku and Abdallah Nassir Gatana disappeared from their homes in Kwale on December 22, only for their badly mutilated bodies with burns allover to be recovered at Tsavo national park, this is extremely sad,” noted Mr. Khalid.

He said the fourth one Usama Nassir was barely 19 years old.

“A 19 year old boy who disappeared on November 30th was also found with strangulation signs, which kind of government does this to its own?” posed the Human rights defender.


The four bodies had been tied with ropes and burnt by using plastic bags.

According to Khalid, the trend must be stopped and the government use the right judicial channel in curbing terrorism.

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid at the Makndu Sub-County hospital morgue. Photo/Atrash Mbwana].

He said the right lobby together with Human rights development HUDA will pursue all the avenues available to cease the gross human rights violation especially at the Coast.

He blamed the government for not taking seriously the matter despite the cries from coastal families.

Brutal report

The new findings adds up to the recent brutal report released two days ago by the human rights organisation that revealed 59 people were killed under mysterious circumstances in 2019.

In the report, police are highly suspected to have been involved in the killing of 43 people from the region.

The report was officially handed to Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) for action.