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De-radicalisation efforts should start in schools-HURIA

[HURIA Executive Director Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Efforts of deterring youth from extremism and radicalisation should equally be initiated in schools so as to protect minors from the vice.

The process should involve a Multi-agency social approach for it to yield positive results and secure the future of the Coast region.

Human rights Agenda-HURIA has waded into the matter saying that Human rights defenders, religious leaders, Coastal community and security agencies should never relent but pursue the issue so as to save minors who were secretly attracted to the vice.

Speaking in Mombasa, HURIA’s Executive Director Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu said that the human rights lobby has undertaken the initiative of visiting various schools at the Coast so as to guide youth on how to detect ulterior motives from their peers who may have been lured into extremism.

He said that such initiatives were noble especially now that everyone thought extremism and radicalisation issues have been completely extricated from the society.

He said that multi-agency and social approach over the matter should be hastened.

“Compared to the recent past things seem to have calmed down but not completely eradicated, we must carry on with de-radicalisation efforts,” he added.

He said that young people would easily be lured into the major security problem out of their knowledge or will thus tarnishing their future dreams.

“In fact we should now be working towards preventing violent extremism in the society and not fighting it, preventive measures are inevitable in securing the lives of our children,” noted the human rights defender.

Lule revealed that HURIA has been focusing on Kwale, Mombasa and Kilifi Counties where youth were affected by extremism and radicalisation matters and only parents endure the painful burden of not knowing there where about.

He singled out unemployment, low levels of education, marginalization, sense of revenge and religious misguide as some of the contributing factors, but he however noted that negative ideologies needs to be tackled by positive ideologies and not excessive force.