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DPP, DCI moves in to tame chronic land issues in Lamu

The Director of public prosecution Noordin Hajj has assured Lamu residents that the chronic land issue in the county will be amicably addressed.
The DPP assured the residents that he was not relenting on the issue after a desperate cry from locals in the County.
Addressing locals at Hindi area in Lamu on Thursday, Hajj said that together with the Director of Criminal Investigation they will pursue the land problem in a bid to ensure locals get title deeds and live peacefully.
He said the cry from elderly who were forcefully evicted from their lands should be a concern of any government that cares about its citizens.
“What’s I have heard from you evidently shows that there is a problem in the County’s local administration and the security department, we must solve this issue once and for all,” noted Mr. Hajj.
He noted that all the residents who got a chance to address him touched on the chronic land issue and how they are ruthlessly evicted from their ancestral land.
“I experience the pain whenever I saw such devastated and desperate cry from my elders, it is time to act,” he noted.
Mr. Hajj assured Lamu residents that he will use all the available avenues in ensuring that justice prevails.
On his part, Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta admitted that Lamu County was mostly affected by perennial land conflicts which needed the National government’s intervention.
Shipetta said that Lamu residents suffer major economic setbacks following the daily evictions and tussles revolving around land issue.
He urged government relevant institutions to move quickly in containing the chronic land problem in Lamu.
“It is evident that the local administration is colluding with land grabbers a situation that has turned land owners to squatters,” noted Mr. Shipetta.