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Family want ailing kin trapped in Middle East repatriated

[Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta (in white mask) with Francina kin. Photo/Ali Chete].

A family in Mombasa is appealing to the government to intervene and bring back home their ailing daughter trapped in Saud Arabia.

According to the mother, Terezi Mweni, her daughter Francina Magati, 39 traveled to the Middle East to seek employment.

However, after working for a year, she developed health complication which was as a result of being overworked and beaten by her employer.

Ms Mweni while addressing journalists at the Haki Africa Offices in Mombasa on Wednesday said the family went the involved Agent only known by one name as Juma who promised to return back her daughter, however, six months later Ms Magati is still at the mercies of her employer.

“If no help comes forth, my daughter will die. I have been receiving her distress calls and I must say only God knows what my helpless daughter is going through,” said a teary Mweni.


Mweni who lives in Miritini, within Jomvu Constituency said after developing health complications, the mother of three was ‘sold’ to a neighbouring house where she was ordered to work in a six storey building.

“How can a sick person be ordered to clean and work in a six storey building alone? They only want my daughter dead,” she painfully said.

Mweni is calling for the government to intervene and rescue her daughter who is at the moment in critical condition, in Dhamam city within Saud Arabia.


Meanwhile, Human rights Organisation Haki Africa is urging the government to quickly intervene and rescue Ms Magati.

Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta said despite the organisation’s efforts in seeking assistance from relevant government entities, the efforts are yet to materialise.

According to Mr. Shipetta, Magati who is trapped in the Middle East needs urgent assistance to be repatriated back to the Kenya.

[Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta (close left) with Terezi Mweni and other family members. Photo/Ali Chete].

“We cannot bar people from seeking employment abroad but we want the government to protect its own people while they work outside our borders,” he said.

The activist said they right lobby will pursue the matter and seek relevant intervention from the Foreign affairs Ministry so as the ailing Magati is brought back to the country.

He said the process has been hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic but he hugely blamed the transport agent for ignoring the plights of their clients especially those working in the Middle East.