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Haki Africa demands for judicial inquiry for extrajudicial killings victims


By Mgandi Ngala


A Human rights lobby has called for an independent judicial inquiry for extrajudicial killing victims at the Coast.

Haki Africa, a human rights lobby in the country said that most women at the Coast have been suffering psychological torture after their children and husbands were executed in cold blood in the name of fighting terrorism in the country.

Haki Africa’s Executive Director Hussein Khalid said on Sunday that hundreds of women at the Coast have been left hopeless and without any source of income after their bread winners were either killed or disappeared in unclear circumstances.

According to Khalid, the women most being from Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi and Lamu counties were going through difficult times as the government has completely forgotten them.

Speaking at Kwale while marking the International mother’s day on Sunday, Khalid said that the women did not receive any psychosocial support, financial or any aid that could help them recollects their lives.

“We cry for these hopeless women at the Coast, the government should initiate various programs to enable them make ends meet,” he added.

He continued, “Can you imagine a mother of five children and without any source of income after the only bread winner, the husband was killed or disappeared in unclear circumstances, this woman goes through a lot of pain and suffering, both psychologically and physically,” he charged.

He revealed that Haki Africa through its gender and children’s rights program has been assisting the women but the number was overwhelming and the organization needed support from the government.

The renowned human rights defender in the country insisted on clear strategies to help the women who fell victims of extrajudicial killings.

“During this year’s International Mother’s day, we truly have nothing to celebrate but sharing the pain of with these poor mothers who have no one to turn to, we need interventions,” he painfully said.



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