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Haki Africa gets global node for fighting violent extremism at the Coastal Kenya


By; Mgandi Ngala


Haki Africa, a human rights Organization in the Country has been recognised for its constructive work in fighting violent extremism among the Coastal communities in Kenya.

The Organization has been honored to lead various dialogues on how it has engaged the Coastal communities in containing violent extremism and enhancing coexistence among the youth in the region.

Haki Africa’s Program’s Officer Francis Auma is in Berlin, Germany to give key note addresses and guidelines on how the country through human rights defenders has managed to largely contain the global security menace.

Auma said that the month long series of activities will enable friends of Haki Africa, a human rights network in Germany working close with Haki Africa on disentangling youth from violent extremism, said that the objective of the dialogues and exchange programs is to show what Haki Africa has been doing towards curbing the global problem.

He said that despite the challenges faced by human rights defenders in bridging the gap between security agents and the community, Haki Africa has achieved a lot through engaging various stakeholders for one main course of extricating violent extremism at the Coast.

“Compared to what happened four years ago in Mombasa and other parts of the country, we are on the right direction and the results are evident,” added Mr. Auma.

He said that the journey has never been easy and it needs multi-agency social approach and stakeholders efforts and unity in saving the young souls from violent extremism and criminal activities as well.

“Sustainable livelihood projects for our youth is one of the major focuses that will make this fight a success, however these youth should be fully involved in other socio-economic activities as well as democratic leadership processes,” he noted in his first dialogue in Berlin, Germany on Saturday.

He revealed that challenges, achievements, positive plans, partnership and the contents of the last year’s Counter violent extremism policy launched by Haki Africa are some of the major issues to be discussed so as to pave way for a course of action.