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Haki Africa moves to tame gross human rights violation in Lamu

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid. Photo. Davis Mbunga]

The Social justice centre launched in Lamu County will quell gross human rights violation experienced by locals in the County.

Human rights Organisation Haki Africa said the County has experienced massive historical injustices and the centre will investigate, document and source for various ways of tackling the inhumanity in the County.

Speaking during the launch on Friday morning, Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said that Lamu County is experiencing massive land grabbing, harassment of locals by local administration and security agents among many forms of human rights violations.

Khalid said Haki Africa moved to initiate the Centre following reports that showed even after such pain and sufferings, the locals did not have any avenue to report or seek assistance.

He said human rights defenders will be based at the Centre located at Mkunguni area within Lamu Island to pursue cases of gross human rights violation, document and seek redress from relevant government institutions to tame the problem.

“We have camped at Lamu for a week now and what we have gathered is pain, suffering and state of desperation from Lamu residents,” noted Mr. Khalid.

He said that Locals have gone through a lot of suffering especially on land issues.

“It is evident that the local administration is colluding with land grabbers to make the lives of locals in the County unbearable, we have to address this issue,” he added.

Mr. Khalid is in admittance that the chronic land problem has drastically affected the economy of locals with many living as squatters.

He said Haki Africa will closely work with government institutions among them the Director of Public Prosecution-DPP, the director of Criminal Investigation-DCI among other public institution that will make urgent interventions to quell the disturbing inhuman acts in Lamu.

“We have camped in Lamu with the DPP Noordin Hajj and the pain experienced by Lamu residents should be a concern for the government,” added the human rights defender.