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IG remarks may have triggered Kisauni reckless shooting- MUHURI


Muslims for human rights-MUHURI is blaming the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinett’s remarks over Kisauni killings.

MUHURI Chairperson Khelef Khalifa says that Boinett remarks that police should work on Kisauni insecurity situation may have triggered last night incident where a tout was shot on the neck and a bulleting lodged in his body while heading home from mosque.

Khalifa said that police in Mombasa and the entire Coast region have been misusing their firearms thus contributing to the killings of innocent people in the region.

Khalifa said that Police are mandated to provide security to locals and not maiming at innocent locals.

“We are not stopping at this juncture, we have partnered with IPOA to ensure this particular incident is fully investigated,” he noted.

He said that the ‘Independent Police Oversight Authority-IPOA’ have taken up the matter and will interrogate all the parties to gather adequate information that will pave way for a tangible court case.

Meanwhile MUHURI through OMBUDSMAN has asked Mombasa County Police Commandant Johnston Ipara to furnish the human rights body with relevant information about an extra judicial killing incident about three month ago at Utange area in Kisauni.

Through its lawyer Otieno Ogolla, the Commission for Administrative Justice wants Mr. Ipara to furnish MUHURI with relevant information it has been demanding since September to date about that particular incident where three youths Bilal Masoud Ndoro, 17, Kenga Ramadhan, 19 and Juma Kitsao 18 were killed by police at Utange.

Mr. Ogolla wants Ipara to provide the registration numbers of the police vehicle which Bamburi police officers used to carry the three bodies from Utange to the Coast general hospital morgue.

He also wants the Police Boss to provide names and operational numbers of Bamburi police officers who were involved in the shooting.

Mr. Ipara has since defended the shooting saying the three were criminals and police were pursuing them, however MUHURI has rubbished the claims insisting they were innocent young men engaging in income generating activities in Utange and Bamburi areas in Kisauni.