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Improve criminal justice system to attain justice for all – Haki Africa

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid with other activist during Mwatha's burial. Photo/Pauline Kwamboka]

The government should reinvent on the country’s criminal justice system to achieve justice for all.

Human rights lobby Haki Africa said that the country’s criminal justice system is facing drastic challenges thus denying Kenyans justice.

He said that the system should be reinvented and all the challenges addressed so that Kenyans can access justice at anytime.

Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid said there has been a lot of blame games in the criminal justice circle that had drastically interfered with the discharge of righteousness to Kenyans and especially the Costal people.

Speaking in Mombasa, Khalid said that recently the judiciary complained of insufficient funds for it to wholly execute its mandate saying that such complaints should be a concern to all Kenyans.

According to Mr. Khalid all stakeholders and players in the criminal justice system should work in unison to ensure all the hiccups denying Kenyans justice are amicably addressed.

“If the judicial system is complaining of inadequate funding thus means the discharge of their mandate is also facing obstacles, directly denying Kenyans justice,” he noted.

The vocal, fearless human rights defender noted that the parliament has a great role in ensuring that the judicial is well funded so that it accomplishes its roles in ensuring justice for all.

“However, locals should be well informed on the roles of the judiciary so that they follow proper channel in accessing justices,” Mr. Khalid said.

He said justice and human rights are inseparable and that the judiciary should work closely with human rights defenders to attain fairness for all.

He insisted on public progressive awareness programs on human rights, justice and democracy so that Kenyan and especially the Coastal people fully understand ways of fighting for their rights and accessing justice.

He also revealed that if Kenyans fully understand all the angles about criminal justice system, human rights and where to access justice, none will attack or violate the rights of others.

He said Haki Africa is already working towards creating awareness to locals on issues revolving around human rights and how they can access justice.