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Invent on curbing terrorism propagated through digital space-Haki Africa

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Courtesy]

Human rights body Haki Africa has called upon United Nation member states to invent in ways of contain violent extremism and terrorism propagated through the use of digital space.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said that youth being the most affected by extremism and terrorism in the world and in Africa bear the burden and there is dire need for directly involving them in all plans and strategies of containing the global security problem.

While addressing the United Nation High level conference of heads of Counter terrorism in the UN Headquarters in New York, Khalid said that youth were quickly lured into terrorism Network without their knowledge since they enjoyed the digital space more.

He said that youth have in the recent past bear the burden of forced disappearance and extra judicial killings all occasioned by discrimination in all counter violent extremism programs and strategies.

The Human rights defender expressed his concerns over how the matter was mishandled in the country as security agents applied excessive force only to trigger sense of revenge instead of extricating the problem among the Coastal communities.

“I urge the UN Member states to consider preventing misuse of digital space to the youth and strengthen efforts towards global safety and security,” he said.

He said that Human rights organizations worked closely with the National Counter Terrorism Center -NCTC efforts that need to be funded so that they positively impact the fight against extremism and terrorism in the country and around the globe.

However Khalid singled out the recent case where an 18 year old boy Husni Mbarak disappeared at his father’s garage at Majengo area in Mombasa saying that the incident is just but one of the brutal cases of minors bearing the burden

of forced disappearance in the country and especially at the Coastal Kenya.

“Such hardcore operations that’s discriminates and alienate youth and certain communities should stop if we all want to achieve the main objective of extricating violent extremism and terrorism globally,” he added.