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Ipara assures Kisauni family of their keen’s safety after police threats

[Mombasa Police Boss Johnston Ipara with Abdalla Salim and MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma. Photo/ Ahmed Omar].

Mombasa police Commandant Johnstone Ipara has assured Abdalla Salim of his safety after he was threatened by police attached to the Dog section police station.

The family had moved to the Coast police headquarters to raise their fears over the two police officers who threatened to kill Abdalla Salim, 38 for allegedly assaulting their colleague two weeks ago.

Salim has been forced to go into hiding after the two cops said they will eliminate him.

MUHURI intervened

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI on Saturday interviewed Salim’s father Alphan Shaban, and sisters Biasha Salim and Munira Salim at their Bamburi home.

Biasha said the two police officers stormed their family house without identifying themselves. The officers were in civilian clothes and armed.

They searched every room, occasionally intimidating to flog the sisters if they did not produce their brother.

Police said Salim picked up a fight with one of the officers at Biasha’s eatery business located at Bamburi Mwisho stage. Therefore, Salim is wanted.

One of the officers is reported to have been drinking at Mint Lounge before he went to attack Biasha’s customers. The club is less than 100 meters from where Biasha works.

However Mr. Ipara noted that he was fully aware of that particular incident and that Salim is not under police radar.

The threats linked to killing of TUM student

He said police linked Salim to the killing of a Technical University of Mombasa –TUM student David Mwangi barely three weeks ago.

MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma said they have deliberated the matter with Ipara and Salim should no longer live in fear.

He said Mr. Ipara was fully aware of the matter and through the deliberations they have solved it, urging Salim’s family not to worry about their safety anymore.

“We are not criticising all the Police officer however, some do not care about the lives of citizens, Salim would be no more if as human rights we remained mum over this matter,” noted Mr. Auma.

Police officers drawn from SPIF

MUHURI has established that the two officers are from a police unit code-named SPIF.

The unit deals with serious crime and has been linked to recent fatal shootings of unarmed youths in Mombasa.

Officers attached to SPIF are mostly on civilian and are always dangerously armed.

One team patrols at night and the other one during the day.