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Kidnapped or forced disappearance? Likoni family demand answers

[A photo of the missing Abubakar Kalama. Photo/ Ahmed Omar].

A family in Mtongwe, Likoni Sub County, Mombasa has appealed to security agencies to reveal the where about of their kin.

The 25 year old Abubakar Kalama is alleged to have been arrested by security agents one of them being a foreigner at their Mtongwe home on August, 13.

According to his elder sister Pili Hassan, Kalama together with other family members were beaten and injured before the masked men believed to be police officers took away the father of one.


Pili, said the security men harassed the family members ordering them to county 1 to a 1000 and before they could finish the counting assignment, their kin was nowhere to be seen.

“We have searched in all police stations in Likoni and Mombasa Island and even went to the Coast general referral hospital morgue but all in vain,” said an emotionally Pili during a press briefing at Haki Africa’s offices in Mombasa on Saturday.

Kalama’s brother Ibrahim Hassan appealed to the government to reveal the where about of their kin.

Psychological torture

“We have been encountering very difficult moments especially when the young ones ask about the where about of our brother, this is very painful,” noted a teary Hassan.

He urged police to release their kin since according to them Kalama is innocent.

“Our brother is a mechanic and a carpenter, he has been engaging in casual labours at the Mombasa port and back at Likoni, he has never been involved in any criminal activities,” he said.


On her part, Haki Africa Deputy Executive Director Salma Hemed urged police to cease oppressing locals in the Coast region.

[Abubakar Kalama family Members with Human rights defenders Salma Hemed (Far right) and Mathias Hezron Shipetta (Second left) during media briefing. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

She said the resurfacing of forced disappearances and gross human rights violation cases in the Coast region has sent locals into panic.

“We have registered a total of 14 forced disappearance cases since January, 2020, the trend is very worrying,” she noted.

Ms Hemed appealed to security officers to arrest and charge suspects before court.

“We have cried for long, this gross human rights violation must stop, police should disclose the where about of Mr Kalama,” she reiterated.

The Coast top security officers are yet to respond to the family calls.