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Lamu Gov’t ordered to compensate Mokowe land evictees

[Lamu County Assembly Speaker Abdukassim Ahmed. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Lamu County Assembly has passed a motion to ensure all families affected the construction of Lamu county government headquarters and County assembly building at Mokowe are fully compensated.

The 38 families were evicted to pave way for the construction of Lamu county government headquarters and the County assembly house.

The motion tabled by Kiunga ward MCA Sheikh Abdallah Aboud famously known as Abdallah Babadi wanted the county government to come out clear and explain to the 50 affected individuals why they were not remunerated.

Babadi said it was unconstitutional for the County government to acquire the land and ignore the plights of locals whom their farming activities were completely grounded.

“The County government must be compelled to compensate these people as stipulated in the constitution and the national land commission policy,” said Babadi.


Babadi who took up the role of representation in a different Mokowe ward despite being a Kiunga Ward MCA said the families have for long time suffered after their main economic activity, farming was distabilised to pave way for the construction of Lamu county headquarters and County assembly building.

Lamu County assembly speaker Abdukassim Ahmed said after deliberations with the assembly members, they unanimously passed the motion.

“Mokowe farmers practised farming for all the years, we cannot subject them to poverty because of securing land for the County headquarters and assembly,” said Mr Ahmed.

Ahmed noted that it was human for the Lamu County Assembly to safeguard the rights of Lamu people or else the assembly would lose its meaning and mandate to its people.

Fast tracking

“However, the assignment ahead of all of us is to fast track the compensation and ensure this matter is settled once and for all and justice prevails to our people,” he said.


Addressing journalists at the Lamu County Assembly building, Human rights organisation Haki Africa Lamu County coordinator Yunus Ahmed Isaack urged the MCA’s to closely follow up on the matter and ensure all the 50 affected individuals are fully compensated.

[Haki Africa Lamu County Coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

He thwarted political supremacy and appealed to Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha to ensure he fully abides by the assembly resolution.

“The fight for human rights is slowly taking shape and our leaders understand this phenomenon. We are not here to fight them but to fight for the rights of all Lamu people,” Mr Yunus charged.

He said the rights defenders will unite with Lamu county assembly and other leaders to ensure a cease in human rights violation and injustices in Lamu County.