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Lunga lunga residents protests looming eviction

[Lunga Lunga residents in peaceful demonstrations against land grabbing. Photo/courtesy/MUHURI].

Lunga-Lunga residents in Kwale county have protested a plan by the government to award Kwale International Sugar Company Limited 500 acres which they occupy.

Some projects under KISCOL are already ongoing in their ancestral land they said.

The locals through their Chairperson Hassan Mohammed said over six villages with over 700 families risk eviction as KISCOL plans developing the land.

Mohammed said Kanana area is the most affected and locals want their rights of land ownership.

“We were given allotment letter by former President Mwai Kibaki’s administration and we are only waiting for title deeds, however we are reading some mischief,” he said.

KISCOL got a total of 15,000 acres through a lease, however media reports indicate they have only occupied 8,000 acres.

On Friday, a peaceful demonstration was organised by Muslims for Human Rights- MUHURI and residents at Kanana area which is the most affected place according to locals.

Should KISCOL acquire the land, over 700 families risk eviction.

Locals said they have allotment letters and were still waiting for title deeds.

[Lunga Lunga residents protests looming eviction. Photo/Courtesy/MUHURI].

MUHURI Field officer in charge of Kwale county Abdulrahman Mwangoka said due process was not followed when KISCOL was awarded the lease.

He said the human rights organisation has given Kwale county government 14 days to pursue the matter and give locals positive response.

He said locals have been living in fear and could not undertake any farming activities for fear of being evicted at any unknown time.

“If no any positive response after the lapse of 14 days we will employ other legal and constitutional avenues to demand local’s rights” noted Mr. Mwangoka.