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Makupa police bosses to be sued

[MUHURI Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma with the affected family and tenants. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

A human rights defender has engaged a counsel to institute a private prosecution against police officers in Mombasa County for abuse of office.

Muslims for Human Rights [MUHURI] Rapid response Officer Francis Auma said they have engaged a veteran advocate Lumatete Walubengo Muchai to take up the matter against the OCS in charge of Makupa police station on behalf of the aggrieved family involved in a residential cum commercial house ownership dispute.

The suit will also include the tenants who were housed in the building and their property was vandalised during the midnight raid which took place three weeks ago.

The unlawful demolition which was carried out at Majengo King’orani Stage in Mvita constituency left three widows of the late Salim Faraj homeless and where they lost their home belonging through hired goons who carried out the demolition at the midnight under the supervision of police officers.

He said the OCS acted with impunity and challenged the government to explain why the eviction was carried out at night during the curfew hours at the expense of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Auma said the local police station must take responsibility for stolen goods as they acted with impunity.

No escape

Auma said they are taking the OCS to court as an individual to stop him from hiding under the Attorney General’s collar.

He said their move will stop the local officers from taking shelter under the government protection after committing crime and termed the demolition exercise illegal as the due legal process was ignored.

“All evictions must be done during day time and a notice must be served to the party concerned before the exercise,” he pointed out.

The aggrieved family spokesperson Mohamed Salim said they are tired of being harassed for the fourth time by hired goons under police supervision to carry out the demolition of the house under dispute.

“Up to today we have not been served with an eviction order and the eviction is being carried out without a court bailiff,” he punted out.

One tenant who operated a garage, Dennis Okinyi, said he lost all his valuables during the exercise and he has been rendered jobless.

Muslims for Human Rights [MUHURI] program officer Francis Auma chats with tenants and aggrieved family spokesperson Mohamed Salim at the controversial demolished Swahili house cum commercial building at King’orani stage in Mombasa County.