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Mob justice is not justice- Haki Africa warns public

[Haki Afrika Executive Director Hussein Khalid. photo/ Haramo Ali]

Members of the public have been called to respect the rule of law and not to take justice in their own hands.

This follows an incident in Likoni area in Mombasa County where members of the public attacked a notorious gang that is believed to be among those causing chaos, attacking and robbing innocent people of their belongings in the area.

According to reports, it is alleged that at least 6 gang members were beaten by a mob after a botched robbery attempt on a boda boda rider in an area known as Senti Kumi in Likoni, some few minutes past midnight.

Sources indicate that the gang sprung onto the boda boda rider trying to rob him only for him to shout for help -as that was his only defense mechanism alarming the local residents who thronged the scene and administered the beating on the gang.

Human rights lobby group HAKI Africa through their Executive Director Hussein Khalid, came out strong condemning the robbery attempt and the security situation around the area calling out security forces to take necessary action.

“Cry for safer neighborhoods has been long overdue with security apparatus constantly saying they are ahead of things living no stone unturned but that remains a mirage,” added Khalid.

However, HAKI Africa appealed to the public to adhere to the rule of law and act within the confines of the constitution despite being perturbed by the unrest caused by criminal gangs.

took the police’s job into their own hands, fighting crime and apprehending criminals themselves.

Such suspects need to be handed over to the police as it is their core duty to fight crime and apprehend criminals.

“In the event a suspect is harmed, members of the public involved in mob justice should know that they will be liable for prosecution,” cautioned Mr. Khalid

Currently the gang members are admitted at Coast Provincial General Hospital emergency wing with serious injuries.