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MUHURI sues government over terror links

[From Left, MUHURI's RRO Francis Auma, Chair Khelef Khalifa, Lawyer Paul Muite and Haki Africa's Executive director Hussein Khalid. Photo/MUHURI]

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI will on Monday be back at the Mombasa high court in a bid to clear its name over funding terror activities links.

MUHURI had sued the government after it was blacklisted over alleged funding terror activities and linkages to Al-shabab.

MUHURI’s Chair Khelef Khalifa said that the human rights lobby is out to clear the air over the 2015 allegations that saw its bank accounts frozen together with those of Haki Africa.

Though the case was letter dismissed and the ban lifted, MUHURI says it is necessary to clear its name by settling the matter before the court after severe damages caused.

Mr. Khalifa said that the Human rights organisation has never had any links with terror networks and the humiliation caused by the government to a greater extent tarnished the image of the Human rights lobby.

Speaking in Mombasa on Sunday, Khalifa said that the Human rights organisation has since sued the government for the 2015 occurrences where it was listed among 85 other organisations and financial institutions that were alleged to be supporting terrorism in the country.

“We did not at any time deal or support terror groups and to our surprise the linkages were very detrimental to our human rights push,” noted Mr. Khalifa.

He said that the organisation was operating in an open manner and was open for scrutiny from government security agencies and any other public body mandated with the regulations of rights groups in the country.

“We should not be linked to terrorism activities, we have not supported any and such linkages not only tarnishes our public image but also portray us negatively to our local and international working partners,” he noted.

The bank accounts were however unfrozen and the lobby went back to its normal operations in early 2016.

The government’s move was as a result of the April 2, 2015 Garissa University terror attack where 148 students died and 79 others seriously injured.

Siaya Senator James Orengo is leading the counsel representing MUHURI.

Former Chief Justice Doctor Willy Mutunga is among witnesses to take the stand in the hearing of the case.