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MUHURI Chairman says life in danger

[MUHURI Chair Khelef Khalifa addressing Journalists at a past event. /Davis Mbunga]

Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) Chairman Khelef Khalifa has said his life is in danger.

He said police are unhappy after the rights lobby hard-pressed for an autopsy of a Mikindani tout Caleb Espino who allegedly died while under Changamwe police detention.

Espino, 40, died on September 18 following his arrest while drinking with friends.

Four pathologists led by Johansen Oduor said Espino died of multiple injuries, a sign that he might have been physically tortured.

He was reportedly assaulted and pushed, hitting his head on metal bar while handcuffed from the back, a scuffle that accordning to a witness happened right inside Changamwe police station.

Police have so far denied indulging in such inhumane acts insisting that Espino was drunk, felt unconscious and died while being rushed to Coast Provincial referral hospital.

Independent Medical Legal Unit-IMLU pathologist Emilly Adhiambo however said Espino’s injuries were mainly on skin, head and upper spinal cord.

Adhiambo said he suffered severe internal bleeding before he died.

“There was a fractured rib with bleeding into both lungs and a tear within one of the lungs,” Adhiambo said after the autopsy on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Khalifa said there was a possible assail.

“Please note you and several others including the pathologists are under surveillance hence need to avoid tel discussion on this and to take extra security measures,” a text message sent to Khalifa on Wednesday morning read.

The MUHURI Chairman said he has not reported the threat to police since police failed to act on such similar threats in the past.

Mombasa County police commander Johnston Ipara denied that police were trailing Khalifa and the entire MUHURI staff.

Ipara said the autopsy was police-initiated, to enhace transparency in the police service.

“The postmortem has nothing to do with MUHURI neither was that person working under MUHURI or related to any of its members,” he said.

He said police reputation should not been soiled and asked Khalifa to report the matter to the police.

Khalifa however said previous reports of that nature were not acted upon.