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MUHURI officer roughed up by Makupa police

[MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma (Centre) at Makupa Police station. Photo/ Davis Mbunga]


Muslims for Human Rights- MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma was on Tuesday briefly detained at Makupa police station.

Auma was roughed up by an unidentified police officer who also threatened to beat him up while he chased Mr. Auma out of the police station.

In a video posted on MUHURI’s Facebook page, Auma is seen being roughed up by a Police officer but he remains adamant and refuses to leave the Police station.

Other officers are heard from the background agitating for Auma to be kicked out.

He is later arrested and briefly detained.

When contacted for response, Auma said the police officers at the station got wild when he inquired the whereabouts of Makupa OCS Mohamed Osman.

“I had gone to get an OB for a case which MUHURI is keenly following up. I asked the Officer where the OCS was and he became aggressive surging towards me,” he said.

“He roughed me up and even warned me. I don’t know what the warning was all about.”

Auma said one cop confessed the attacker was ‘stressed’.

In a statement, MUHURI said the harassment is ‘shocking’.

“It is this kind of aggression and intimidation from some police officers that creates unnecessary chaos and breach of trust from the public,” the statement read.

Recently, human rights defenders at the Coast decried police brutality calling for immediate action to end the gross human rights violations.